iOS Engineer/YouTuber



Leading the iOS development effort at Aluna. Aluna helps you understand your chronic respiratory condition, such as asthma, and take control of your lung health. Launching Q1 2019.


Creating 3 iOS development videos per week educating thousands of aspiring developers on the ins and outs of Swift, as well as keeping developers in the know each and every Monday on Swift News.


Summer Math Star

I contracted on Summer Math Star's iOS application which helps elementry school students hone their math skills over the summer. Students progress through a wide variety of daily math challenges.

My Role:

Built the majority of version 1.0 as part of a team of two. Focused on building the UI and logic for nearly all 200+ problem variations.


Swift, In-App Purchases, Push Notifications, Programmatic User Interface

School EventPay

I contracted on School EventPay's iOS application which simplifies event communication and payment handling for schools. The app provides amazing convenience by allowing parents to sign permission slips and pay for school events all from their phone.

My Role:

Built 95% of the initial release version.


Swift, Stripe Integration, Push Notifications


I worked with a small startup called Nibble Nutrition as the sole iOS developer to bring their app, Nibble, to life. Nibble is a nutrition tracking application that hopes to take the pain out of food tracking by implementing voice recognition.

My Role:

I was the sole iOS Developer on the project from zero to version 1.0.


Swift, Speech, AmazonLEX, HealthKit, Fitbit Integration


FitHero turns your everyday step counting into an awesome adventure. Using a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or just your iPhone you can complete quests such as 4k steps in 2 hours or 30k steps in 48 hours if you love a good challenge. Completed quests reward gems to unlock cool new heroes.

My Role:

I partnered with 2 others on this project. I focused on front-end UI/UX design and implementation.


Objective-C, Fitbit Integration, HealthKit, Parse, Core Animation

Unfortunately, FitHero was a victim of the Parse shut-down and is no longer availaible on the App Store.

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