I spent the first 5 years of my career developing for startups in Silicon Valley, but left to pursue my own business. I teach iOS development through my YouTube Channel and online courses.

I'm currently consulting for a startup and developing my own product for content creators.

iOS Dev Launchpad is designed to guide beginners at the start of their journey. We go over the basics of Swift, build simple apps, discuss general programming concepts and how to thrive in this world.

GitHub Followers - Take Home Project is the "Final Boss" before iOS developers apply for their first job. We go in-depth on a typical take-home project given to candidates and discuss vital knowledge for the job interview.

SwiftUI Fundamentals is your first step into the brave new world of SwiftUI. In this course I focus on what I found most difficult when learning SwiftUI - passing data around.

All courses include the first few chapters as a free sample and a Slack community for ongoing support.

I was the sole iOS developer for Aluna for the first year and a half the app existed. I played a key role in shaping the product and experience.

I have since left to pursue my own business but continue to work on the project on a part-time basis. I am responsible for the health and quality of the codebase.

I recently ran a project to create a mobile ordering system for Southdown Marketplace. This included a consumer-facing ordering app with an internal app for order fulfillment. This project was primarily written in SwiftUI.

iOS Dev Discussions is where I talk about a variety of topics in the world of iOS development. Interviews, project updates, latest news, etc...

On my most popular show, "Origin Stories", I bring on developers from the Swift community to discuss how they learned programming, why they chose iOS development and how they got that first job.

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